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Atlantic Re-Plumbing serves Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Delaware.

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You will find that there are few polybutylene/Quest pipe replacement companies that can truly offer quality service at a reasonable price.
Atlantic Re-Plumbing Can!

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    Our Skill at Replacing Polybutylene is Only Exceeded by Our Commitment to the Customer

    Atlantic RePlumbing, Inc. is proud to serve its customers of Northern Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Delaware. We offer top professional plumbing service at a price no one can beat. While the plumbing industry has been presented with many challenges with polybutylene / Quest, galvanized / copper pipe replacement project, Atlantic RePlumbing, Inc. has successfully taken on these challenges and has become expert in this field. Our plumbers and technicians, with more that ten of experience, have mastered the polybutylene pipe replacement technique. Our company's commitment to provide top quality plumbing service, that is hassle-free, at a reasonable price makes us the most wanted plumbing company in the area.

    Here is what some of our customers say about our work:

    "Thank you for your hard work and fairness with this job. We sleep better knowing the polybutylene (PB) pipe is gone."

    "Thank you all for an excellent polybutylene repipe job! I will certainly recommend Atlantic RePlumbing."
    P. L.

    "I wanted to thank Atlantic RePlumbing for the work that was done to replumb my townhouse. The polybutylene replumbing job that was done exceeded my expectations. Your crew was extremely capable, professional and attentive to the smallest detail. They took a large, potentially messy plumbing job and made it quick and easy. Thanks again for the hard work."
    J. I.

    We protect our customers privacy but will be happy to provide you with a referral upon request.