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FAQ about replacing Polybutylene Quest plumbing
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You will find that there are few polybutylene/Quest pipe replacement companies that can truly offer quality service at a reasonable price.
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    Commonly Questions About Replacing Polybutylene (PB) or Quest Piping

    Q: How long does the polybutylene RePlumbing replacement take?
    A: An average home will take from 3 to 5 days depending upon the layout and amount of water system pipe in the home.

    Q: Which replacement pipes do you recommend?
    A: We highly recommend replacing your PB pipes with CPVC. We use the brand FlowGuard Gold exclusively. CPVC piping has been around for over 50 years. It is a white "plastic" pipe. It is quiter than traditional copper pipes and come with a 25-year warranty. Please visit FlowGuard Gold at However, we will re-pumb your home using traditional copper pipes. With copper, the cost of the project will be $500 to $1,000 higher, depending on which grade of copper you use.

    Q: Do you use sub-contractors?
    A: No, we do not use sub-contractors. We only use employees to preform the work in your home.

    Q: Would my water be turned off through the entire polybutylene RePlumbing process?
    A: No, only on the first day to allow us install the new plumbing system. We make sure the water service would be restored each evening.

    Q: Will I be able to stay in my home during the process of your polybutylene RePlumbing project?
    A: Yes, you will be able to go about your daily routine. We do use plastic sheathing to reduce the dust to just the areas we are working.

    Q: Do we need to be present during the process of your RePlumbing?
    A: No, we would just need to arrange access to your home, and our crew will lock up at the end of the day. Our crews are employees, not sub-contractors. As a licensed contractor, we are bonded and insured.

    Q: Does the polybutylene RePlumbing process require a permit, and if so how would I go about obtaining one?
    A: We provide all permits and inspections from your local county water authority and the cost of the permits is included in our estimate.

    Q: Do you offer any financing or payment plans options?
    A: Yes, we accept payment from escrow account, major credit cards and other financing is available.

    Q: Is there any preparation that I will need to do prior or during the process of the polybutylene re-plumbing?
    A: Yes, remove your items from under your sinks and remove any fragile or family heirlooms. The estimator will inform you in which areas our crews will be working.

    Q: If I have any question relative to the RePlumbing, whom would I speak with?
    A: The technician on the job or you can call the office at 703-948-7111 and our management will be able to answer your questions and concerns.

    Q: Will there be any dust or debris that I should be concern about or would it interfere with my normal routine, while I am at home?
    A: We do our best to try not to interrupt your normal routine, and we do clean up our work area at the end of each day. However, the job does include working with drywall. So, there will be some dust. We do our best to minimize the dust and make sure to be respectful of you and your family.

    Q: Will you be removing any walls or ceilings?
    A: No, we cut access holes only, it is not necessary to remove entire walls or ceilings. Roughly a section of 2 x 2 is removed as necessary. Your estimator will walk you through where we will need to remove the drywall and how much dryewall you can expect to be removed. Our drywallers do an excellent job of finishing. This is our specialty. Our crews go from one job to the next. Our crews aren't fixing a leaky toilet one day and re-plumbing the next. We complete between 30-40 homes per month.

    Q: What type of warranty do you offer and is there any extra cost?
    A: We offer a 25-year warranty for CPVC plumbing for the workmanship and material and 5 year warranty for drywall repairs included in the cost of the contract. The Warranty cost is included in the cost of the re-pumb.

    Q: Can you assure me with a start date and completion date?
    A: Yes, we can assure you of a start and completion date, however, in some cases we can be delayed by as much as half of day due to inspection process.

    Q: Does Atlantic Re-Plumbing, LLC do any other plumbing and painting other then Polybutylene replacement?
    A: Yes, only for our Polybutylene replacement clients at a discounted rate.


    Q: Once the re-plumbing is completed, how do I winterize my outside hose bibbs?
    A: Follow these simply steps to assure you will not have fozen pipes:

    Look for the "HOSE BIBB TAG" attached to the inside valve for these instructions as well.

    The information provided is based on an average size home that consists of two and a half baths. Should you have any more questions, do not hesitate to call Atlantic Re-Plumbing LLC 703-726-3883 or send us an email.