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Replacing Exterior Polybutylene
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You will find that there are few polybutylene/Quest pipe replacement companies that can truly offer quality service at a reasonable price.
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    Identifying a main line leak:

    A higher than normal water bill might be your first indication of a leaking main water pipe. Or you might hear a running water even when all your fixtures are turned off.

    When you suspect a leak:

    1. Check the fixtures first to make sure all the faucets are tightly closed.
    2. Turn off your main shut off valve.
    3. Go to the water meter(only if the meter is located outside), if you have one.
    4. If the dial is moving, you’re losing water in your main line. If this is the case, call Atlantic Re-Plumbing for a free estimate.

    Water service is the section of piping between a water meter and your house. Atlantic Re-Plumbing LLC offers these methods of installation:

    We use three methods when replacing your main service line. When our Estimator visits your home, he will walk you through which method will work best and give you a written quote. Here are the methods we use:


    This method is used when we are able to use the machine in the picture below. We dig a small hole at the street and the foundation awll of your home to access the main line. We will "Bore" a hole below the front line to install a new main line. This method is great for longer main lines.

    Boring new pipe Boring new pipe


    This method requires us to dig a small hole at the street and the foundation wall of your home. We will "snake" a cable through the existing pipe. From the inside of your home, we attach the new main line to the cable. As the line is "pulled", it splits the old line. Then, we pull it out to the street and re-connect the new line to the county or city water.

    splitting and pulling line snaking cable pulling the new line


    This method is used for short main lines, such as a townhouse. It is the most time consuming and by looking at the picture below, it is the most destructive. Replacing your exterior main line using this method also requires cooperation from the Weatherman.

    digging trench to replace main line copper piping replacing main line

    Type of pipes used for replacing your existing water service: