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You will find that there are few polybutylene/Quest pipe replacement companies that can truly offer quality service at a reasonable price.
Atlantic Re-Plumbing Can!

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    Streamline your business through Atlantic Re-Plumbing’s realtor-friendly approach

    In today’s market, homes with polybutylene pipes usually take longer to sell and can even lower the home’s value by more than 10%. All over Virginia and Maryland, realtors from Long and Foster Realtors, Weichert Realtors, and others are doing business with Atlantic Re-Plumbing to replace defective polybutylene piping and sell more homes. Join the realtors that repeat business with Atlantic Re-Plumbing to effectively sell homes built during the 1970s-1990s using polybutylene piping. Get a Free Estimate Now.

    Disclosure is necessary

    The Virginia Association of Realtors general counsel has urged realtors to disclose polybutylene piping and fix the problem. Polybutylene’s defects can create the conditions for toxic mold growth in addition to home and property damage. Home inspectors will note that polybutylene piping in homes should be replaced because of its inevitable flaws. Selling agents can stay ahead of the issue through Atlantic Re-Plumbing’s turnkey process.

    Partner with Atlantic Re-Plumbing to increase your profit!

    Imagine being able to get a flat-rate price on the phone or through this Web site without having to facilitate an on-site estimate. Atlantic Re-Plumbing guarantees that it will beat any comparable quote by at least 5%. Low overhead and multi-skilled technicians provide Atlantic Re-Plumbing with the ability to save homeowners an average of $1,000 over the competition. Atlantic Re-Plumbing saves realtors both time and money—increasing your margin of profit. Don’t waste time getting bids—go first with Atlantic Re-Plumbing’s lowest price and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    The Atlantic Re-Plumbing advantage

    Atlantic Re-Plumbing serves the real estate industry

    Homeowner’s insurance may not cover claims that are a result of defective polybutylene piping. Atlantic Re-Plumbing offers real estate offices free customized presentations on the challenges that polybutylene piping imposes on the real estate industry. Learn how Atlantic Re-Plumbing offers realtors and homeowners complete satisfaction and superior workmanship. Discover risk-free polybutylene re-piping through Atlantic Re-Plumbing!

    The polybutylene problem

    Once dubbed the “pipe of the future” polybutylene pipes have been used in millions of homes built during the 1970s to 1990s. Used in properties in the Mid-Atlantic states, the Sun Belt, and the Pacific Northwest, Polybutylene piping was cheaper than copper piping, but didn’t stand the test of time. Common chemicals found in water, like chlorine, slowly destroy the structural integrity of the pipes, causing micro cracks and leaks.

    Polybutylene pipes are gray in color and are joined with copper rings. Since the damage to the pipes is caused by the water that runs through them, it is not possible to identify a damaged pipe by simply looking at it. Polybutylene pipes may leak without warning, and have caused thousands of dollars in home and property damage. On average, polybutylene pipes start to leak after nine years. Experience has shown that with polybutylene, it is not a question of IF there will be a failure, but rather WHEN it will occur.

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