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You will find that there are few polybutylene/Quest pipe replacement companies that can truly offer quality service at a reasonable price.
Atlantic Re-Plumbing Can!

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    The Process of Replacing Polybutylene or Quest Piping

    When you choose Atlantic Re-Plumbing, rest assured that the re-plumbing project will be completed professionally. We take care of all aspects of the plumbing job. From providing the materials to obtaining the permit, we take the headache out of the re-plumbing experience. Our drywall and paint crews concentrate on just one thing, bringing your home back to the condition it was in before the pipe replacement. This is very convenient because, with us, you do not have to hire additional contractors to finish the project. Above all, we stand behind our work.

    Atlantic Replumbing

    A polybutylene/Quest, copper or galvanized replacement or re-pipe is a complete replacement of the water distribution system in a home. In a PB/Quest pipe replacement, all pipe fittings, stop valves and supply lines are replaced. On the average, a complete water pipe replacement job takes 3 to 5 days, depending on the size of your home. There are many steps in a thorough pipe replacement, some of which are listed below:

    polybutylene ps Quest replacement: estimate

    STEP 1. Each job starts with a free estimate. Our technician will arrive to your home to overview the situation. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding pipe replacement and how our project will affect you and your family.

    polybutylene ps Quest replacement: seal home

    STEP 2. To ensure that your daily routine is affected as little as possible because of pipe replacement, we make sure that all affected areas in your home are fully covered and sealed with plastic. This ensures that there is no damage to your furnishings.

    polybutylene ps Quest replacement: cut access point

    STEP 3. After sealing the rest of your home, we select the minimum number of access points needed for the PB/Quest pipe replacement.

    polybutylene ps Quest replacement

    STEP 4. Then we replace the faulty pipes with new copper or CPVC - depending on what you want.

    polybutylene ps Quest replacement: permits

    STEP 5. Your county or city inspection will be preformed. We obtain all necessary permits for the work we perform.

    polybutylene ps Quest replacement: repair walls

    STEP 6. Once the work has been approved, we replace and repair the drywall that was removed to carry out the PB/Quest pipe replacement.

    polybutylene ps Quest replacement: patch walls

    STEP 7. After replacing the drywall, we tape and finish the patches. This process usually requires two or three coats of drywall joint compound. We use a technique called, "feathering out" the drywall. This method will hide the patches and you won't be able to tell where the cuts were made.

    polybutylene ps Quest replacement: paint walls

    STEP 8. We then paint the affected areas. We will computer match the paint. We paint "corner-to-corner" any wall or ceiling we cut into during the plumbing phase of the project, assuring you that the paint will "match".

    polybutylene ps Quest replacement: clean up

    STEP 9. The final step of the project will be the clean up. Making the surrounding areas as clean as they were before the pipe replacement. Full satisfaction of our customers is crucial to us.

    We guarantee your home to be as good as, if not better then, it was before we started the project.

    Why replace your PB/Quest pipes?

    replace polybutylene ps Quest pipes

    Why replace your PB/Quest pipes? Polybutylene pipes will leak without any warning causing thousands of dollars in damage. The average PB pipe starts to leak after nine years. The problem with PB pipes and the reason for their replacement comes from the fact that there are oxidants in the water. Because of oxidants such as chlorine in the water, PB pipes develop very small cracks and leaks, that, while invisible to the naked eye, can cause a great deal of damage and problems if not cared for the in the proper manner. The older the pipes the more likely they are to fail. With polybutylene or Quest piping it is not a question of IF you will have a failure but a question of WHEN you will have a failure. It is important that you become pro-active in your efforts to prevent failures and the damage one failure can cause to your home. Call Atlantic Re-Plumbing, LLC. today:

    703-726-3883 or use our free online estimate.